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Our Lady of Lourdes Church
 Milltown, New Jersey

Mission Statement

Since 1921, Our Lady of Lourdes Church has been and continues to be a  major part of the Milltown community fulfilling its mission of evangelizing and  ministering to the spiritual needs of God's people.  We, though many, are one  body in Christ.  Despite our various ethnic and social backgrounds, we form  one body, therefore one parish family, united in a common bond of faith,  worship and fellowship.

A Community of Faith

Our firm belief in Christ and in all of His teachings form the basis of our faith community.  Accepting Him as our God and Redeemer through the Sacrament of Baptism and totally committing our life to Him and to His Gospel make us His true disciples.  Living this commitment on a day to day basis according to the Gospel values enable us to be genuinely Christ-Like.

A Community of Worship

Our faith in Christ finds expression in the form of public worship as we gather on weekdays and weekends to celebrate the Holy Eucharist as one parish family.  Through this Sacrifice Christ nourishes us spiritually and unites us as one body in Him.  He also become our life-giving power enabling us to listen to His Word and act on it.   He is the Vine and we are the branches.  Remaining close to Him our lives become productive and fruitful.  By sharing in the Eucharistic Meal we become one in Him and one close-knit family that cares about each other.

A Community of Fellowship

We heed the call of Our Savior to love one another as He has loved us, and reach out to each other in fellowship and Christian charity within our own catholic community.  We also extend our fellowship to our fellow Christians who form part of the Milltown community:  the members of the United Methodist Church and the members of the St. Paul's United Church of Christ by conducting Ecumenical Services and social events to affirm our common Christian bond.  We especially reach out to those in our community who are hurting in any way, and offer them that love of neighbor enjoined upon us by Christ.  This love finds expression in the form of various Ministries that are available in our faith community.  Many of the parish organizations foster such fellowship and social outreach.