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Mission Statement

Our mission is to work with all children and their parents/guardians, with the help of the Holy Spirit and through the intercessions of Our Lady of Lourdes, to develop a life long relationship with God.  That they will know, love and serve God and their Neighbors.  To love one another as Jesus loves us and to reach out to all people especially those who are in need.

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  •  To foster an environment in which each child can build a unique relationship with God through education and spirituality.

  •  To present the Catholic Faith in a manner children will understand at all age levels.

  •  To assist parents/guardians, who are the primary educators, with the knowledge, understanding and practice of the Catholic faith.

  •  To recognize the value of the 7 Sacraments and develop an on going relationship with God throughout their life.

  •  To give children faith tools to fall back on in hard times throughout their life.

  •  To increase their knowledge and trust in a loving, living, and merciful God.

  •  To foster an understanding and a need for the Mass and the Eucharist in their lives which makes us one with Jesus.

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Only Children of registered parishioners will be accepted into our Lady of Lourdes Religious Education Program (CCD).  Exceptions can be made at the Pastor’s discretion.

Children will be assigned to the same grade they are attending in public school.  Children who have not attended a Roman Catholic Religious Education Program (CCD) either at Our Lady of Lourdes or another parish will be accessed for proper placement.  Enrollment in special Catechism classes may be required before placement in the age appropriate grade.  Final decision will be made by the Pastor in conjunction with the Parish Catechetical Leader

Submission of re-registration and tuition for the coming school year begins in June and ends July 31st.  Late fees for re-registration are accessed after the July 31st deadline.

New registrations take place on the first and second Tuesdays in September in Lourdes Hall from 5:30pm to 7:30pm.  New registrations are for all 1st grade students, New Parishioners and any new students to Our Lady of Lourdes Religious Education Program (CCD).  Please bring your child’s Baptismal Certificate to registration if baptized at another parish other than Our Lady of Lourdes.

New Parishioners need to submit records from former Religious Education Program (i.e. Baptismal Certificate, First Penance Certificate, First Holy Communion Certificate, report card and/or letter from former Parish Religious Education showing grade of completion) upon registration in Our Lady of Lourdes Religious Education Program to place the student in the appropriate grade. 

Registration forms are available on-line for your convenience.

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It is important that students be present for each class unless the child is sick or other serious reason prevents attendance.  A child who has been absent is required to present, upon his/her return, a note of explanation signed by the parent/guardian.

If a student anticipates missing class due to illness, injury or other important reason, the Catechist (teacher) and office should be notified by phone call, letter or in person prior to the beginning of the class being missed.  *Please try to avoid scheduling doctor/dentist appointments during class time.

 To Report Absence
732 828-1651

It is your responsibility to follow up with your child’s Catechist (teacher) to makeup any work/lessons missed. 

Students who are frequently absent or who miss ten (10) classes may not be eligible for the next grade.  Parents/guardians will be notified when their child is in this danger. 

For those students in Sacramental Preparation programs more than 4 missed lessons over the course of the two year period will result in the possible delay in receiving the Sacrament.  If your child has an illness which puts him/her in danger of missing more than 4 classes over the two year period it is your responsibility to contact the Parish Catechetical Leader.  At that time a determination will be made if your child will be eligible to receive the sacrament on time. 

Religious Education (CCD) class time is very precious.  Attendance, discipline, participation in class, as well as homework, is important to your child’s understanding of their Catholic Faith. We ask for your help in instilling the importance of regular attendance. 


Sacramental preparation classes for First Holy Communion (1st & 2nd) and Confirmation (7th & 8th) are two-year programs.  Therefore, children who miss one year of preparation will not be eligible to receive that sacrament until the two-year requirement is met.

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 Arrival & Dismissal Procedures

Religious Education classes are held in three different sessions:

1st thru 3rd grades Tuesday from 3:30 to 4:30

7th & 8th grades Tuesday from 7:00 to 8:00

4th thru 6th grades Wednesday from 3:30 to 4:30

(NOTE: there maybe times when classes can run 5 to 10 minutes late)

All students are to be dropped off and picked up on Booream Avenue.  For your child’s safety there is a Crossing Guard on duty to assist in traffic control on Booream Avenue only.  Cars will NOT be permitted to enter the school lot.

Students are expected to report to the cafeteria through the playground entrance on the Booream Avenue side of the school building before classes start.


Students may bring a snack to be consumed in the cafeteria only.


All students will assemble in the school cafeteria for Gathering Prayer and led to their classroom by their Catechist (teacher) or Aide.  AGAIN, NO STUDENTS ARE ALLOWED IN THE CLASSROOMS OR UPSTAIR HALLWAYS BEFORE CLASSES START.

Students are expected to be on time for their classes.  Habitual tardiness cannot be tolerated as it is disruptive to the entire class. You will be notified if your child exhibits habitual tardiness.

Early dismissal must be arranged in advance via written notice and signed by a Parent/guardian.  Students will only be dismissed to a Parent/guardian unless written permission is given by you allowing another person (assigned caregiver) to pick up your child early. Students will not be allowed to leave the building without being signed out thru the office by both the Parent/guardian/caregiver and authorized person.

Should your child become ill or injured, they are to report to the office.  At that time you will be notified by one of the staff to make arrangements for you or an authorized person to pick up your child. STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE CELL PHONES AND/OR PAGERS DURING CLASS TIME TO CALL ANYONE. DOING SO WILL RESULT IN DISPLINARY ACTION.

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School Closings & Emergencies

For school closings, please listen to WCTC (1450AM) or click on the WCTC link found on the church website: www.ololchurchnj.org.

Milltown Schools
Parkview & Joyce Kilmer Schools
School office will be notified for the Tuesday & Wednesday afternoon classes.

 East Brunswick & North Brunswick School
Emergency contact list will be set up for parent notification for Tuesday & Wednesday afternoon classes

All Tuesday night classes
Emergency contact list will be set up for parent notification

Should your address and/or telephone number change during the school year, please notify the office in writing.  It is important that we have current information to notify you in case of emergencies (i.e. illness, injuries, etc.).

Schedule of Classes can be obtained on the Parish website. Go to www.ololchurchnj.org and click on the Calendar button. Important information regarding CCD, can also be obtained by clicking on the CCD button.  We urge you to use the Parish website for other important information, including the CCD Monthly Newsletter.


*Please note there may be changes to the calendar periodically.  When in doubt check it out.

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Textbook & Curriculum

Each student will receive a textbook to keep as part of their registration fee.  7th grade students will receive a total of 3 new books every 10 weeks.  The Faith Fusion book will be collected at the end of the 10 week period in 7th grade and will be returned in 8th grade to complete the course.  Books for grades 1 thru 6 will be handed out on the first day of class and grades 7 and 8 with the corresponding segment.

Students are responsible for lost textbooks and must be replaced by purchasing a new one.  Students who continually forget their book will be marked as being unprepared for class and after a time will be asked to purchase a new book.

Our Lady of Lourdes Religious Education Program (CCD) uses Sadlier Publishing Company’s “We Believe - Parish Edition” for grades 1 thru 6. 

For more information and activities visit www.webelieveweb.com

For grades 7 and 8 Our Lady of Lourdes Religious Education Program (CCD) uses OSV Publishing Company’s “Faith Fusion” and Call to Celebrate Confirmation” in conjunction with RCL Benzinger Publishing Company’s “Family Life”.

Each grade level is directed toward attaining the deepest spiritual growth possible at the child’s appropriate stage of development as follows:

Grade 1 – God Loves Us
Grade 2 – Jesus Shares God’s Life
Grade 3 – We are the Church
Grade 4 – God’s Law Guides Us
Grade 5 – We Meet Jesus in the Sacraments
Grade 6 – We are God’s People
Grades 7/8 – Faith Fusion, Family Life, Call to Celebrate Confirmation

Every effort should be made by parents/guardians and students to learn certain prayers at various stages of development.  These prayers are to be memorized and at any given time, students can be asked to recite them from memory.  All prayers they need to know are located toward the back of each textbook along with other practices and prayers of faith, which both the parent/guardian and child should be familiar with.

The following is the list of prayers which need to be memorized and when they need to know them (it is assumed that you are already praying with your child and he/she already knows the “Prayer to a Guardian Angel”):

1st grade
The Sign of the Cross
The Our Father
The Hail Mary
Glory Be
Grace Before Meals

2nd grade
All the above from 1st grade and:
Guardian Angel prayer
The Act of Contrition

3rd grade
All the above from 1st and 2nd grades and:
Morning Offering
Apostles’ Creed

4th grade
All the above from 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades and:
Hail Holy Queen
Prayer to the Holy Spirit
Joyful Mysteries

5th grade
All the above from 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades and:
Sorrowful Mysteries
Glorious Mysteries
Luminous Mysteries

6th grade
All the above from 1st, 2nd, 3rd 4th and 5th grades and:
The Memorare
All Prayers of the Mass

7th & 8th  grade
Students should be proficient at all above prayers

Students should also know by the end of 8th Grade the following:  The Trinity, The Holy Family, The Seven Sacraments, Great Commandment, Ten Commandments, Holy Days, Liturgical Calendar and Colors of each, Beatitudes, Moral Virtues, Theological Virtues, Corporal Works of Mercy, Spiritual Works of Mercy, Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Fruits of the Holy Spirit and the Precepts of the Catholic Church.

We try to maintain classroom size to 15.  Please do not ask for your child to be placed in a class with a friend as we find this very disruptive to the class.  Religious Education (CCD) class is not a time for socialization. There is plenty of time for socialization outside of CCD.

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Homework & Report of Progress

Homework is a meaningful activity which supplements and reinforces work covered in the classroom.

Homework includes Sunday Mass attendance, daily prayer, living the Beatitudes, obeying the 10 Commandments, going to Confession and Holy Communion once each year during the Easter season and following Catholic Social Teachings.

Each week students will be responsible for completing the “Lesson Review”, “We respond in Faith” and “Sharing Faith with my Family” located at the end of each chapter and/or other activity sheet handed out in the classroom. 

Parent/Guardian is required to oversee the completion of all chapters.  It is expected that parents/guardians will take an active role in their child’s religious education.  Students will be expected to complete all in class and at home reading assignments on time.  Each chapter will need to be signed off on by a Parent/Guardian. We ask your help in reinforcing what is taught in the classroom weekly.

Should a student lose his/her books (5 separate books for students in 7th & 8th grades) it will be their responsibility to purchase a new book.  For those in 7th & 8th grades it will be their responsibility to purchase and complete each chapter in the new book along with parent/guardian or sponsor signature and submit it to the PCL for review before being confirmed.  Students keep their book once a course is completed.

Progress Reports will be distributed twice a year once in January and at the end of the CCD school year.  Progress Reports will be distributed to students.  Parents/guardians are expected to discuss the report with their child and to follow up if necessary with his/her Catechist (teacher).

We expect a serious effort from each student and Parent/guardian to develop and expand their knowledge, individual faith and relationship with God our Father, Jesus his Son and the Holy Spirit, as well as the Catholic Faith.

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General Rules

In order for any program concerning children to be effective, parental/guardian involvement is vital.  You as a concerned Catholic parent/guardian have already shown an interest in your child’s religious education by enrolling them into this program.  However, when it comes to Sunday Mass attendance, unfortunately sometimes we send them mixed messages. We somehow think it’s not an important part of religious education. Sunday Mass attendance helps your child to experience a vital part of being Catholic.  By gathering as a community (a type of celebration), by hearing God’s word (conversation) and through the opportunity to share in the Sacrament of Holy Communion-The Eucharist (a meal) you show they belong to a bigger family.  You say, by your actions, “I want to belong”; “I want to share my Catholic belief with you”.  Please don’t deny them, the opportunity to start and continue their faith journey by not attending Sunday Mass on a consistent basis.

Family involvement is also important.  We ask all members of the family to get involved by showing an active interest in Parish activities/fundraisers. 

We need the support of all Parishioners in all areas of the Parish including Our Lady of Lourdes School.  By actively supporting the school we show a true commitment to our Parish and not just the Religious Education Program (CCD).  Without the school sponsored activities/fundraisers the burden of maintaining, heating and lighting the school would be the responsibility of the parents/guardians of Our Lady of Lourdes Religious Education Program (CCD).

Parents/guardians are welcome to visit the classroom.  All persons other than Catechists (teachers), students and staff will need to sign in at the office before entering the classroom.  Please check-in at the office before entering the classroom. 

Students are expected to come to class prepared with writing instruments, notebooks, paper and textbook for every class.  Failure to come prepared will result in a mark as being “Unprepared”.

Snacks and drinks are allowed to be consumed in the cafeteria before class begins.  Failure to cleanup before going to the classroom will result in this privilege being suspended.  Students who walk from Joyce-Kilmer need to deposit trash in appropriate receptacles when entering the school building and not en route to Our Lady of Lourdes School.


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Discipline & Unacceptable Behavior

Our Lady of Lourdes Religious Education Program (CCD) strives to promote acceptable Church, classroom and community conduct.  We expect all students to contribute to an atmosphere of Christian concern for everyone.

Deliberate unacceptable behavior will lead to action in the following order:

  1. Teacher reprimand.

  2. Child will be sent to Office, Parent/guardian called to pick-up child.
    Parent/guardian will be advised of behavior. Child will not be admitted to class without Parent/Guardian conference with the coordinator of Religious Education (CCD).

  3. Second ejection from classroom will result in either:
    a.   Have Student leave the Religious Education Program (CCD)
    b.   Have Student continue attending Religious Education Program (CCD) with a Parent/guardian present at each session.

It is the duty of parents/guardians as well as our Religious Education (CCD) Catechists and Staff to help all children acquire self-control.  Cooperation from parents/guardians is vital in guiding your child to develop good character traits.

Below is a list of Unacceptable Behavior:

·  Disrespect towards the holiness and quiet in Church which includes unnecessary talking, laughing inappropriately, lack of sincerity.

· Disrespect towards the holiness of prayer during Gathering Prayer which includes unnecessary talking, laughing and lack of sincerity.

· Disrespect or open hostility towards Catechist (teacher), Staff, other Volunteers and Peers at any time. (i.e. disobeying, unnecessary talking out, disruptive behavior, acts of hostility toward others, hitting, pushing, pinching, throwing items, teasing, name-calling and bullying.)

· Rude or vulgar language before, during and after class on Church or School property.

· Leaving classroom or Church without permission, or being in a place other than assigned.

· Cell phone/Pager use during class - Tuesday/Wednesday 3:30 – 4:30 and Tuesday 7:00 – 8:00.  Note: Cell phone/Pager use during class time will result in phone/pager confiscation and will only be returned to a Parent/Guardian. If you have an urgent message please call the office.

·  Use of OLOL School Student’s property – Nothing should be used or touched in the classroom that belongs to the Teacher and/or Students of OLOL School!

· Destruction or stealing of OLOL School and/or Parish property.

*Students and their Parents/guardians will be held financially responsible for malicious damage and graffiti.*


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Contact Information

 Mrs. Renee Young
Parish Catechetical Leader
Office:  732 828-1951 ext. 6
Home:   732 565-1312

 School Address
44 Cleveland Avenue
Milltown, NJ  08850
732 828-1951

Parish Office Address
233 North Main Street
Milltown, NJ  08850
732 282-0011

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